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Recent News and Events

I recently purchased some very old Western Red Cedar which will be used to build the tops for a few 'classical' guitars. It's a new endeavour for me but not so different from acoustic steel string guitar building. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on this project and photos. I will be visiting Madrid, Spain over the winter to see how the luthiers there build classical and flamenco guitars. I will post info on our Facebook page. 

In the upcoming year I will be building more custom guitars for my customers, both acoustic and electric. Photos of their progress will be posted on Facebook. Check it out.

Another project under way is an acoustic cutaway 12 string guitar. Over the years I have repaired dozens of otherwise great 12 strings. The main problem is always the same : insufficient bracing of the top tone wood which results in large bows and humps that eventually make the guitar unplayable. I am working with a fiberglass re-inforced top that prevents the bowing but doesn't diminish the sound of the tone wood. The results are promising at this point. Stay tuned and check Facebook for updates.