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Recent News and Events

   The first shipment of Cleartone strings has arrived. They are now available for purchase for $15 a set. They will be installed on all of my custom built guitars as well as guitars brought in for setup (unless the customer supplies his own strings or prefers another brand). You should try these strings !

The recent East Coast Guitarfest guitar festival in Halifax was a great success. Thousands poured through the doors to view the products offered by the many vendors at the trade show. Patten Guitars Ltd was proud to be a vendor at this premier event. Look for us to be there again.

I recently purchased some very old Western Red Cedar which will be used to build the tops for a few 'classical' guitars. It's a new endeavour for me but not so different from acoustic steel string guitar building. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on this project and photos. I will be visiting Madrid, Spain over the winter to see how the luthiers there build classical and flamenco guitars. I will post info on our Facebook page. 

In the upcoming year I will be building more custom guitars for my customers, both acoustic and electric. Photos of their progress will be posted on Facebook. Check it out.