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Custom built Patten acoustic made of Hawaiian Koa. Ebony fretboard with abalone dots and headstock inlay. Neck is Brazilian mahogany.

A Patten custom acoustic nearly 30 years old. Cedar top, mahogany sides and back, maple neck and fretboard, ebony bridge and Gotoh tuners.

This is a Les Paul style guitar ready for sanding and finishing. Top quality electronics and pickups will be installed after the lacquer finish has cured for a couple weeks.

Strat style guitar ready to be sanded and finished. Electronics and pickups will be USA made.


Custom Built Acoustics

   Patten Guitars Ltd is a custom guitar builder owned and operated by Patrick Patten. It is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. For over 30 years I have been building custom acoustic guitars using the finest tone woods available. Every guitar is different and made to fit the needs of the customer. We use exotic woods as well as North American varieties. Whatever the customer requests. Most custom builds take 2 - 3 months and range in price from $1,200 - $2,500. We use Sitka Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Appalachian Spruce and Mahogany for the top tone wood. The sides and back can be anything from quilted maple to rosewood. The choices are many. 

Guitar Repairs

   A big part of our business is repairing broken guitars, especially older guitars that have been kept in gramma's attic for the past 20 years. These old gems can be coaxed back to life with a lot of work and patience. The finished result is definitely worth the time and effort.

   New guitars get broken too. Falling off the stage, a loose strap button and whammm ! You get the idea. We repair the broken wood parts as well as do paint and lacquer touchups. I have fixed numerous broken necks where the customer was sure the guitar was ruined. Delaminations, cracks, bridge lifting, loose internal braces. We fix every part of a guitar.


   This is the fun stuff. When a customer comes in with a vintage guitar and wants it restored so he can continue playing it in it's original state. These are the challenging projects that require experience and skill. It would be easiest to simply replace old parts with new ones but that would immediately reduce the value of the instrument and change it forever. Original may not always be the best but it is imperative to maintain the value of the instrument. Repairs using vintage parts and building materials is what good luthiers dream of. It's a true challenge.

Electric Guitars

   In recent years Patten Guitars Ltd has been building and customizing electric guitars. Customer demand has made electric guitar repair and set-up a big part of our business. We repair and set up electric guitars and basses for many of the local bands, recording artists, and touring groups from our region.

Custom and Vintage Pickup Winding

   We have all the equipment needed to custom wind pickups. We don't mass produce pickups but we often have to re-wind a vintage pickup that no longer works. We can also custom wind a pickup to a customer's specs. We have newer poly coated wire as well as vintage enamel wire for that truly vintage sound. Pickups can be wax potted or left unpotted for that gnarly feedback sound some musicians want.


Neck block repair of a water damaged Norman guitar. It was repaired and continues to play great music to this day.

An old Framus 12 string that had bridge separation and worn-out frets. Some internal braces had also come unglued. It has been restored to pristine condition.

An old Gibson L1 in the process of being repaired and restored. Original finish left intact.

Hand wound single coil pickups by Van Zandt of Texas. Swap out those cheap pickups and get that 'vintage' Tele sound. It's easy and affordable. We also rewind blown 'vintage' pickups.

Railhammer pickups are new and  sound fantastic. They are crystal clear humbuckers. They also have P90's. We do pickup swapouts. It's easy to upgrade the sound of your guitar.