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Railhammer Humbuckers

Van Zandt Tele pickups


Railhammer Pickups

   Patten Guitars Ltd is proud to be the first Canadian dealer for the new and innovative Railhammer line of pickups from the USA. They are humbuckers with 'attitude'. Very clean, crisp and percussive to the touch. What you want in a passive humbucker. There are models to suit most guitarist tastes, from vintage to metal. Check out the Railhammer website for demos and specs.

Van Zandt Pickups

   Patten Guitars Ltd is also pleased to be the first Canadian dealer for the Texas hand wound single coil pickups by Van Zandt. Get that distinctive 'vintage' Fender sound from these hand wound pickups. Nothing compares to hand wounds. They sparkle and chime. Swap your standard pickups for these and enjoy the new sound your guitar will make.

Custom Wound Patten Pickups

   We don't manufacture pickups in large quantities. We can custom wind pickups to meet a customer's specs. Or when a vintage pickup stops working we can re-wind it to match the original and get it working once again. Plus we also wind many of the pickups we put in our own guitars. This allows us to experiment a bit and tweak the sounds in a custom guitar.


Railhammer H-90's

Van Zandt Strat pickups