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   An old Teisco in for repair

   A cool Supro being repaired

   An old Canora with rocker switches and plastic bridge. Classic !

   The frets are badly grooved and there are deep finger grooves in the fretboard. A re-fret is needed on this guitar.

Guitar Repair

   We repair all makes and styles of guitars. Acoustic, electric, and basses. Some common repairs are : bridge lifting, cracks in tops, neck bowing that affects string action, worn nuts and saddles, broken tuners, truss rod problems, internal braces coming unglued causing top to deform, and various electrical issues with electric guitars.

Cost :

   Most minor repairs can be done for $50 - $75. More severe problems would require a close examination of the guitar before a cost can be determined. No work is ever done until the customer is told of the cost beforehand. Our work is guaranteed and our prices are fair. That's why my customers keep coming back year after year. I'm proud of that fact.

Guitar Set-Ups

   Guitars are made of wood and metal. They are prone to humidity changes and seasonal temperature differences. As a result they need to be adjusted or set-up every once in a while (usually once a year at least). A typical set-up includes the following :

   - tighten the tuners, adjust the truss rod, clean and oil the fretboard, level a few high frets, adjust the nut and saddle to get good string height, file any sharp fret ends and set the intonation (on electrics with moveable saddles).


   - Basic set-up cost is $40 plus tax plus cost of new strings (customer can supply his own strings if he prefers).

   - Set-ups with many high frets need a fret levelling. This is an additional $50 - $60 as all frets need to be levelled and re-crowned. This is quite time consuming to do.

Replace Worn Frets

   When frets become worn and grooved they need to be replaced. This usually takes years of playing, unless you play a lot. Then it may be needed sooner. Often only a partial re-fret is needed (usually from the 1st to 7th frets). If you play all up and down the neck then you probably will need a complete re-fret. I need to see the guitar to determine this. I stock most sizes of fret wire to match most guitars. 


   - Partial re-fret (1st to 5th fret) $60 plus tax.

   - Complete re-fret $150  plus tax.

   The neck is checked to see if it is straight. The truss rod is adjusted and the frets are now ready to be levelled.

   A variety of files and diamond crown files are used to level and re-crown the frets. Then they are polished for smoothness.